Selected Current Research Areas of Interest

an emergency responder wearing a respiratorExposure and the Environment

  •  Inhalation, dermal, and ingestion exposure characterization
  •  Plume modeling
  •  Mitigation strategies
  •  Evaluation of shelters and sheltering  
  •  Rail and transportation preparedness and response

Mathematics and Computational Science

  •  Advancing data analysis, data mining, and information  sharing
  •  Advancing data-informed risk assessment
  •  Developing inspection protocols
  •  Strengthening port security


  •  Modeling and assessment of mechanisms of action of chemical warfare agents
  •  Analytics of chemical toxicants and threats
  •  In vitro systems to assess molecular and biochemical mechanisms of toxicity
  •  Risk assessment following exposure to chemical and biological agents
  •  Development of countermeasures to high-priority chemical threats

Hospitals and Health Systems

  •  Disaster and emergency medicine
  •  Disaster medicine training
  •  Trauma care
  •  Traumatic brain injury
  •  Post-traumatic stress disorder
  •  Triage
  •  Decontamination
  •  Mass casualty management
  •  Hospital and health system surge volume management
  •  Disaster supply chain management

Communications and Policy

  •  Risk analysis
  •  Economic impact analysis
  •  Survey research
  •  Risk communication and perception
  •  Victim tracking
  •  Engagement of private sector and volunteers in preparedness and response
  •  Responder role adherence
  •  Central versus regional disaster management
  •  Biosurveillance


  •  Safety and security of bridges, roads, and related transit systems
  •  Security of pipeline and energy distribution systems
  •  Port security
  •  Security linkage to asset management
  •  Health care system operation simulation and optimization
  •  Cyber technology, security, and resiliency